Xeraliving is the founder’s; Jenni’s and Veera’s story about a more sustainable interior design. It is also your story – as a consumer you have the possibility of making better choices for a prettier future.

At the same time it is also the story of the manufacturers; how their material knowhow is turned into durable and sustainable decor that can be enjoyed for years to come.


Öko-Tex100-certified linen- and GOTS Organic- certified organic cotton products are made by the factory Marizé in Portugal, in the city of Guimarães near Porto. Professionals and and skilled staff is guaranteeing a high end and precise finishing in the factory. 

There are 102 employees and in addition Marizé uses subcontractors; 

Tabel Group: digital printing is done by the company Tabel Group almost next door to Marizé.

Riler: Industrial wash and dying for stonewashed textiles are made by the factory Riler, also in the same area.

Washed colors: Washing and dying for linen waffle products are made by the factory Washed colors.

Passamanarias Estrela: GOTS Organic- certified tassels and fringes for our linen products are made by the factory Passamanarias Estrela.


Our 100% Öko-Tex100-certified linen scrunchies are cutting excess material from the Finnish company Vera-Vera. The scrunchies are sown by Ruston Invest in Tallinn, Estonia. Ruston Invest engages 12 employees and more on the rush times. It’s established in 1999.


Our cellulose art pieces are made out of 100% Finnish cellulose from FSC- & PEFC -certified forests by Sukarwood in Riihämäki, Finland. 

Cellulose manufacturing is energy self-sufficient – at its best the level of energy self-sufficiency is 240% which means there are even left over energy to be sold outside. Also all the water that is used gets sanitized, recycled and reused.

Cellulose are pieces has a very unique structure on its’ surface and it really brings the prints in a new way.


We use only FSC or PEFC certified papers which guarantees that the wood used as raw material has been grown in a well kept forest.  

Our paper products are made locally by the factory Printhaus Pori Oy in Pori, Finland. There’s currently 20 employees. We use Offset printing technique and 300g/m² Edixion paper for our posters.


Our warehouse is located in Turku, Finland. All products are stored in a same place, so we can send all the items ordered in one shipment. Storage and deliveries are handled by company Verkkologistiikka, which have 12 permanent employees, temporary employment is not used.