Sustainability is our way of living. We are not perfect but we aim at learning something new every day. We want to become wiser and make better choices.
Welcome to our journey towards better tomorrow.





We use only recycled or certified natural materials. We prefer linen for its’ great qualities; it’s eco-friendly, long-lasting and feels great on the skin.
You can read more about linen in our material guide



We are against of fast fashion and chancing trends.
Our selection consist of timeless products that bring you joy for a long time.



All of the products are packed at the manufacturing factory to avoid unnecessary logistics. Textile products are packed with organic cotton logo ribbon and product tags which are made from biodegradable paper with flower seeds embedded within. We minimize waste and don’t use any plastic in packaging.



We avoid all the unnecessary logistics and try to keep our production in the smallest possible geographical area. All of our products are store at the same warehouse in Turku, Finland from where a whole order is shipped as one delivery.



We have spent a lot of time to find exactly the right partners and factories to work with. We want to work with partners that share our values – this is an important part of our way to be as transparent as possible. You can read more about our partners in production page.


We are constantly looking for new innovative ways to use recycled materials and partners whose excess material we could use. Would you have material that you believe could suit our assortment, do contact us – we accept all tips! We love to think of different approaches and from a new angle we can invent a new way of using your excess material together.

We believe in responsibility, an ecological way of life and working together for a better and prettier tomorrow. Together we are more.

We want to bring joy to homes with beautiful, sustainable and carefully selected decor. We want to be at the forefront in creating a sustainable and auditable textile industry. We create the interior design of tomorrow.


We assure that you know what you buy when choosing a Xeraliving-product. Careful design, hand-picked materials and high quality finished details materialize in a product whose journey we and you know from the start.


Sustainability is all about continuous aim of learning and finding better ways to do things. You can always let us know if you notice things that we could do better.

We are committed to continuously developing our operations to be even more sustainable. 


We have described the journey of each product and each one has its own sustainability map. You can find the map on the product page as well as on the attached product label. Additional information about production, partner organizations and employees you can find under the PRODUCTION page.


The products are packed at the manufacturing factory.  This way unnecessary logistics are avoided. The products arrive to our warehouse in Turku, Finland without being packed in individual plastic covers. We minimize waste and do not use plastic in our packaging. 


A5, A4 and 30×40 sized prints are packed into biobased NATIVIA® film bag to avoid the plastic. A Biobased NATIVIA® film bag is manufactured by Taghleef Industries in Italy. The packaging is sealed with paper tape, which can be recycled in cardboard recycling together with the packaging.

PS. Did you know that genuine cellulosa is not plastic, but in everyday language clear PP-plastic is often called by the same name.


When you buy Xeraliving textile product, you’ll get also flowers! Our product tags are made from biodegradable paper with flower (mainly daisies) seeds embedded within.


Reuse the packaging for crafts or invent other ways of using them!

After use recycle as follows:

  • Parcel bag to cardboard recycling.
  • Tissue paper and sticker to energy waste.
  • Thank you card to paper recycling.
  • Card bag into cardboard recycling.
  • Biodegradable cellophane bag to biowaste.
  • Background cardboard to cardboard recycling.
  • Cardboard tube to cardboard recycling.
  • Plastic lids to plastic recycling.
  • Product labels to cardboard recycling.
  • Logo ribbon and label strings to energy waste.

You find this information also in the backside of the “you matter” -postcard which comes along the order.



Our products are designed and manufactured to last and we wish that they will bring you joy for years to come. When time comes for you to part for one reason or another, we wish that you will make a small but important act in the product’s journey.

In case the product is still intact sell it or give it forward. A broken textile product can be brought to a municipal or clothing store textile recycling; natural material can also be composted in small quantities. You can always return the product back to us; intact items will be donated and broken items will be reused as new fibre and in new products at the Circularity Factory in Holland.

The cards and posters can be reused in crafts or DIY projects.

Paper recycling is the final disposal from where they will eventually end up as raw material for newspapers.


PS! Our design packaging paper (made of 100% recycled paper) is also usable as a beautiful gift wrapping paper.





Our linen products are Oeko-Tex100-certified. It guarantees that the product does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe to use, also directly on your skin. The criteria for the certificate is yearly updated according to the latest research results.


Our organic cotton fringes and tassels are GOTS Organic- certified. GOTS- certification (Global Organic Textile Standard) proves the product to be ecological and ethical. When the certificate is issued the entire lifecycle is taken into consideration, from growing the raw materials all the way to the final product. It is only granted to organically cultivated natural fibre which are not treated with formaldehydes, heavy metals nor chlorine. In addition animals and peoples well being are taken into consideration, neither is child labour allowed.


All of our paper products are either FSC- or PEFC-certified, which guarantees that the wood used as raw material has been grown in a well kept forest. In proportion to its size, Finland has the most forest in Europe, and currently the forest here grows more than it’s been harvested.