Nothing but pretty things and better choices.

Xeraliving is not just a company. Xeraliving is a story of friendship, courage and open-minded attitude. This is also about transforming the textile industry in to a more sustainable direction. This is a story of two brave young ladies who want to change the world with you, one step at a time. Xeraliving shows how a leap of faith concretes as a transformation of the whole textile industry. 

We Jenni and Veera, founders of Xeraliving first met in Habitare fair in September 2019. We have had our own companies for several years and that’s how we distantly knew each other. There was some kind of magic in the air when we first met  – it was a beginning of a kind of a love story. 

“We are not satisfied to look at the world from the ordinary perspective. We want to challenge ourselves into finding new solutions and innovations for making the world prettier and most of all – a better place.”

It all began really fast when Xeraliving founders Jenni and Veera met via their own previous companies. Soon we noticed we are onto something bigger. We realized there’s a lot more than just a new business idea that we just couldn’t past – a similar way of working and the same values and mind-setting of doing things together but also different types of strengths. Our personalities differ from each other and we compensate each other well. We noticed that small collaboration is just not enough. We rather do a whole new business and start a whole new way of doing sustainable manufactured interior design products. Planned tiny collaboration grew up to be a complete brand and there it was – Xeraliving.

Xeraliving is a kind of extension of our previous companies. And even though everything is so much bigger now – it all began from us two, small entrepreneurs. Us two, whose were used to do everything by themself and created their our brands from nowhere. And now we are here – together.

While creating our brand Xeraliving we focused on two things:


We wanted to create a brand which is sustainable and transparent in every action. We also wanted to create a brand which reflects our values – authenticity and eco-friendliness.

We, the founders of Xeraliving; Jenni and Veera noticed two big shortages within the market of interior design.

Sustainability and transparency has already gone a long way within the clothing industry, but this is not the case within the interior design.

We want to change this. Each one of our products has a sustainability map, from where you can follow the way of the item from the design table to a joy bringing product. From the manufacturing of raw materials to the final product, all the way to storage and to final disposal after use.


We wanted to indicate that sustainability doesn’t have to mean lack of aesthetics. We assure that you know what you buy when choosing a Xeraliving-product. Careful design, hand-picked materials and high quality finished details materialize in a product whose journey we and you know from the start.

There has also been a lack of textiles with modern Scandinavian patterns. If you have found a nice patterned cushion, finding a similar single coloured cushion has been near to impossible. We offer a complete set that contain both single coloured textiles as well as patterned textiles with matching posters and other paper products.

”We create the interior design of tomorrow. Together with you we can make better choices every day.”

We believe in responsibility, an ecological way of life and working together for a better and prettier tomorrow. Together we can do more.

We want to bring joy to homes with beautiful, sustainable and carefully selected decor. We want to be at the forefront in creating a sustainable and auditable textile industry. We create the interior design of tomorrow.

We assure that you know what you buy when choosing a Xeraliving-product. Careful design, hand-picked materials and high quality finished details materialize in a product whose journey we and you know from the start. We wanted to write a story which every chapter is also transparent for you. By buying our products you know for sure where and how the products have ended up to your hands. Our story continues in each home where our items end up in.

Show us how the story continues… You’ll write the next chapter! You are able to change the world, choose by choose. You can make choices that matters.

By buying our products you’ll support the dream of two young ladies. You’ll also make the sustainable production possible today and tomorrow.